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Start Date : 11-05-2018

End Date : 13-05-2018

Duration : 3 Days

Location : Kuwait City

Arang Expo  is specialized for Ramadhan & Eid preparations starting from retails, accessories, Jewelery  and perfumes. You can find the most elegant clothes , Draa'a a...

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Start Date : 20-05-2018

End Date : 23-05-2018

Duration : 4 Days

Location : Salwa

Ramadanyat Bazaar 2018, Where you can find all the unique, interesting products for the holy month from retails, accessories and a variety of other items. This event is open for the public, which make...

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Start Date : 14-04-2018

End Date : 15-04-2018

Duration : 2 Days

Location : Sharq

Kuwait Applications Electronic Expo is the first in Kuwait. It is a great opportunity for all apps owners to expand and to get involve with other entrepreneurs. Kuwait Applications Electronic Expo is ...

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About Us

Boothat provides services for expo organizers and their clients. It offers an online booth’s booking platform that enhances the booking process experience. Boothat enables the user to check and view the list of available events with their dates, durations and locations. The users can choose what is suitable for them, and then have the opportunity to enter the event, choose the booth, book it and pay for it Online.  Our Vision ...

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